At CCS, our view of sustainable practices goes well beyond green cleaning solutions. We know by putting our clients’ and our employees’ interests first, we all benefit from better outcomes. Better health. Better environment. A better cleaning experience. That’s sustainable thinking.

Our Vision

Four of every five commercial cleaning providers have a “green clean” practice—which makes differentiating an even greater challenge. Diving deeper into what practices are in place helps clarify the differences and outcomes.

At CCS, we start with a basic premise: When your commercial cleaning partner looks out for your interests—and the planet’s—great things happen. For us, sustainable cleaning practices go well beyond selecting the best, most environmentally friendly commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment (which, of course, we do.) It also means bringing a philosophy of caring to everything we do. The result? Less impact on your environment (and the planet). Better health and safety for your team—and ours. And a pristine workplace. When you start from that vantage point, amazing things are possible, both today and well into the future.

Our footprint

Across all areas of our company, we are working in unison to protect our world and our people by making our vision a reality.


Learn how we are taking steps to reduce our footprint across our business.

We practice what we preach

In 2017, we proudly achieved a near perfect green review/compliance score, making us one percent of commercial cleaning providers worldwide to receive the coveted CIMS-GB Honors designation. It’s a distinction that matters to us—one that sets us apart in the ever-changing arena of sustainability practices.

"People should think of sustainability in their own personal interest, and less like it is an act of benevolence. We need breathable air, drinkable water, and fertile soil to live. focusing on sustainability should be a daily priority."